Happy Everything

Wow, it is now 2018.  This year came blowing in and as of today, we have had26166995_2272915936056543_6889227865289209665_n snow on the ground for 4 days.  This is not something that we are used to here in the south, and it’s not something that I personally welcome.  It’s pretty for like… a day and then I’m completely over it.  My kids enjoy it but my participation is strictly limiting to taking happy snow pictures from the kitchen table wrapped in a blanket with pancakes in front of me (thanks to my husband).  It’s supposed to warm up tomorrow so I’m hoping all the freezing white stuff goes AWAY!

b0b251a441bd78e9b86c95fb555774efNot only is it a new year for everyone, as of today, it is a new year for me.  I am – gulp32.  Now, I know what some are going to say and do.  You’re going to roll your eyes and think oh, you’re just a baby.  I know, I got that response about 14 times yesterday.

I get it, I’m not planning my funeral or anything, but with each passing year, there is a realization that, yes, the years are passing more and more quickly.  I get this panicky feeling (maybe it’s fear) sometimes as I’m laying in bed that my best years are behind me.  Don’t get me wrong, I know I have lots to look forward to and I’ve mentioned this is a previous post somewhere, but I’ve always had something specific to look forward to.  I was going to get engaged, get married and have one, two — or whichever child we were waiting for.  There was always something.  Now, it seems to have kind of slowed a bit.

I do NOT feel like that about everyone’s birthday, just mine.  Noah and Avery’s birthday, we always celebrate.  We have bounce houses, or trips and cakes that if my husband knew how much they really cost, he would roll his eyes with a heavy sigh.  (Random Thought: Did anyone see Father of the Bride?  Remember picking out the wedding cake?  “A cake is flour and water.”  I’m married to that guy.  Haha!)

But there is one thing about my birthday that I don’t hate.  Not even a little.  I get lots of texts and FB messages from people that hold VERY special places in my heart.  Each one, even if I don’t get to reply, is so appreciated and brings a smile.  I’m so grateful for the people that take a minute out of their very busy day to send a message.  For someone like me that doesn’t look forward to this day, I am so thankful.




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