Take Care of You

Be gentle with yourself.
Give yourself time.
I’m not talking about time in regards to a clock or calendar. I’m talking about listening to your heart and your head and if it feels like it’s too much, then maybe it is. Who cares if your sister, cousin or neighbor 2 doors down thinks you should be “better by now.”

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Happy Birthday

Today is your First Birthday.
You were pulled into this world, struggling at 4:09pm, October 11, 2016, all 3lbs and 11oz of you.  I laid on that operating table watching you fight for every bit of oxygen while amazingly dedicated people fought along with you, giving you air, giving you life. I thought I would never let you go.  I didn’t know what was coming.  I didn’t know that I would only get you for 15 days.  A million wouldn’t have been enough. 

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Follow-up On My Uterus

Hey everyone, I just realized that it’s been about 4 months since my ablation and I had been asked about how it had gone since then. You can read about the procedure and recovery period here. So. I had the procedure done in May and I’m so glad I did. If you recall, my periods […]

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Where did 5 years go???

As with every birthday, I began to reflect on her life and what she has brought into ours.  I was amazed at her from the beginning.  She never followed the easy path that Noah made, and seemed to make her own rules and her own way.  She’s been my challenging child.  Avery has made it trying at times, but has always made sure that she was never forgotten or left in the shadows.

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Each of us is fighting a battle that the rest of the world knows nothing about.  Maybe you had a traumatic event that you see every time you close your eyes. It could be that you have feelings about something that would surprise your husband or wife so you keep them to yourself. Maybe you eat (or don’t eat) to deal with feelings that seem insurmountable and it’s how you feel like you can hold on to control. Perhaps you have paralyzing anxiety but cover it up with a pretty smile and small talk.

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A Pill For Everything

Since the beginning of this blog, I’ve talked completely open and honest about myself and my life and struggles. I’ve talked of loss, parenting (seriously those kids are trying to kill me) and marriage. I’ve talked about my periods, deliveries and medications. I thought if I’m going to broach the subject of medication, I should […]

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Who Was She?

When there is a huge event in life, it changes you. The moment Noah was born, I became someone new. The carefree newlywed that I had been was gone, and my life belonged to this perfect little person. Then, when we lost Zoe, I became a grieving mother. I was the mother of 2, even […]

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