Where did 5 years go???

Yesterday was my girl’s birthday.  She came into the world after a nervous pregnancy.  I worried about everything.  I mean, literally everything after everything with Zoe.  Finally, it was time for her to be induced at 39 weeks.  I labored for 9 hours with no medication (not by my choice, it was because my low platelet count would not allow for an epidural) followed by a C-section under general anesthesia.  She arrived at 7:44pm on September 17th, 2012 at a happy 9lbs even.  I remember bursting into tears when they showed me pictures because she looked so much like her sister, the baby girl we lost.  I could only apologize to the poor PACU nurse that was taking care of me, because she wasn’t aware of the history behind my tears and probably thought I was completely nuts (which is probably not an inaccurate description).  


As with every birthday, I began to reflect on her life and what she has brought into ours.  I was amazed at her from the beginning.  She never followed the easy path that Noah made, and seemed to make her own rules and her own way.  She’s been my challenging child.  Avery has made it trying at times, but has always made sure that she was never forgotten or left in the shadows.

Most people describe her as beautiful, which I completely agree with obviously, but what I love about her the most is her spirit.  She has said some hilarious things, always dances to the beat of her own drum.  She has rarely been mean just for the sake of being mean, and when it happened, it was usually towards Noah when she was acting as the frustrating little sister. 

As all good parents do, I have such high hopes for my children.  There are things that I like about Avery, and then there are things that I LOVE about her.

I love that she doesn’t let anyone walk over her.  I believe that that is a trait that will serve her well.  I hope that it will make sure that anyone she ever dates (and eventually marries) will never be less than she deserves. 

She has high standards.  This is difficult when buying a gift, but as I mentioned before, this will make sure that she doesn’t settle for anything (or anyone) less than she deserves.

She doesn’t take no for an answer.  Again, as her mother, this presents certain challenges… like when I say “it’s bedtime.”  Honestly, she doesn’t give me too much of a fight – anymore.  It’s getting a bit (like a tiny tiny bit) better.  But I think that when she’s launching her company or running for president, it will serve her well.

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 I don’t want her to conform to being “a good girl” because it’s easier for those around her.  I don’t want her to shrink to fit in the shadow of those around her.  I want her to use every part of her to make her world better.  I want her to accomplish as much as she can dream.  I want her to be happy in a career that challenges her.  I want her to be everything that she can be. 

 These 5 years has flown by and I can’t imagine how fast these next 5, 10 and 20 years are going to fly.  I pray that she is always happy and always good. 

Happy birthday, my sweet sweet girl.  You’ve set our world on fire.





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