The Last Time

You never know when the last time is going to be. You never expect it to go so quickly. You always think that there will be more time. You think that it couldn’t happen to you, then that it could never happen again.

And then it does.

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They Never Told Me About The Guilt

I’m giving myself permission to be a wife, a friend, a woman, not only mom. It’s acceptable to go to class or a girl’s night or something that reminds you that you are not all runny noses, and pull ups and laundry.

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Take Off The Mask

She shared with me that she always felt less than. Less than what? Just less. Guess what? It’s not just me. And I’m guessing it’s not just us two. I’m willing to bet it’s you. Or your sister. Or best friend. Or neighbor. Or the mom in front of you in car pool.

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The Hardest Questions

Change. For better or worse, change is inevitable.  Words develop different meanings, views shift and questions take on a life of their own.  My wish for this is that you would just take a second and look at things from a different perspective. I am a nurse and talk to who-knows-how-many people every shift. Physicians, […]

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